Being LAST is the best way to start!

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.- Bernard M Baru 

While I was reading this quote first thing this morning, I had a quick flashback of my beginning years in the industry! (Right on is what first came to mind, this is exactly right as I shake my head a little.) 

What a better quote to share with individuals that are getting to know themselves.  These are great words of advise I do agree.  On a personal & ethical level, this is definitely my MOTTO!!  I will not accept anything else.  If you do not have the passion of what or where you will (notice I do not say want)  go then you will never get there.  Doubt is your biggest fault only if you listen to it. 

I do not agree that the above quote should be your approach when we are talking about leadership roles and career goals.  Your view on this should be to try to always be LAST.  (Listen, Analyze, Situate & Talk)

I can admit that the change to being LAST has been a long process and I will admit I still need help with it from time to time.  I am consciously working on it every time I talk to someone. 

In my younger years, the above could have easily have been my motto and I am sure many would probably second that.  I have also met and know many in my career that still uses this same vision.  Hopefully, you are reading this article and it will inspire you to be LAST also! 

Over the years of my experience, knowledge, and fellow mentorship, I have learned to be LAST more often.    When you are in the boardroom and as a leader, it is more evident that you should at times not advise how you see it or feel but listen to others and how they feel or they see it and then analyze how you can interconnect the two.  I will never say it is easy,  but you will see that this is a path that does work!   

Listen, Analyze, Situate (your idea) and Talk.. (LAST)

  Being LAST is the best way to start!. - Diana Davila

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