The 3 C's of Life (Choices, Chances & Change)

To continue with the Series of the 3 C’s of life, I will move into Chances. I have had great feed back on my choices blog and hope you enjoy this as much or more.


What is a chance? A possibility of something happening, the occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious design. As with choices, to have or take a chance is not always self-controlled. I would like to divide this blog up into three areas. The chances you take, the chances that are given to you and the chances you give.

Chances you take will follow the choice you have made. You have to make a choice to take a chance at something, being it a new job, a hair style, an approach to a new venture or as simple as a new item on the menu. I can say that taking particularly life changing chances can be very difficult and takes a lot of thought. I myself being a risk obverse individual understand this fully.

What to know or think about prior to taking a chance? Be positive, the power of positive thinking is more than what you know. When you take a chance you need to be positive in your mind that it will work. You must do everything in your power to make it work. If you see things are not going as you plan think about it and push harder to get it back on track or maybe make a change (that next topic we will talk about) to the goal you had in mind.

Chances given to you are choices others have made. These are sometimes choices that are made at will or sometimes they are the result of what you have done to make the choice to ask for a chance. Putting all your effort into the chance someone gives you is the biggest expectations of being given a chance. There are chances that you have been given that you do not realize was a choice of another. If you are given a chance and you recognize who gave you that chance, be sure to show appreciation and communicate with them. Be sure to make sure you have or are meeting their expectations. The feedback from the person that gave you the chance is vital to the success of the chances you are given.

Take a minute and think about when you have last done this. It is never too late. I have heard and have said that the millennials have this great since of entitlement, when thinking about it if they would take this advice of thanking the person that gave them the chance then some of this stereotype maybe diminished. Giving thanks is important in all aspects of life and it is not practiced enough. (let’s make it our mission to do better at this and mean it)

When you are given a chance and you fail, you are not only letting down yourself but the person who gave you a chance. In my experience over the years, I have seen when an individual is given a chance and then realizes thru the process that what was given to them is really not what was expected they become silent. It is very important to talk to the person that gave you the chance in detail. You should tell them what is not working and what you expect to do make it better or what your plan is to help them to resolve your absence or inexperience. It is true sometimes; you are given a chance on something you thought you could do and then you realize it is not what was expected or more than your experience can resolve. Do not just walk away. Communication is key to all successes, speak to them, and work it out with communication. There is more likely a mentor on the other end and they can walk you thru what is required and show you how to work it out or move around it. The person that gave you the chance does not want you to fail that would be a result of a bad choice on their part. They will work with you the best they can to make it work. Try it out and I assure you that is true.

Keep this in mind also when you make a business decision there is a client you want to service or provide a product, the customer gives you a chance. You realize thru the relationship that you cannot meet the expectation of the client. COMMUNICATION is key. Sit down talk about it outline what you are doing and why you cannot meet the expectation of the client. They will listen and maybe advise you their interpretation of the expectation and realign the expectation. Everyone wants the relationship to be a success your service or product is key to his or her success also.

Giving someone a chance. Well I can say I enjoy giving individuals a chance, second chance and have been guilty of a third chance. Within the working environment, we all have been given a chance. The person that interviewed you at your first job, last job or your current job gave you a chance. Chances are giving the opportunity to someone to make something happen. It is how you empower the person, which allows them to grow. Giving a chance is just the first step in the process of being successful.

Giving chances is what will make you a successful in what you do and what others do. One of the most difficult chances I give are allowing people to make mistakes. We all have that tendency to correct or make things right. In giving a person, the chance to fail is allowing them to see where they need to improve.

I have found that on occasions I thought the person I was giving a chance was not the perfect fit and was going to fail and on various occasions, it has turned out to be a better solution then what I had expected. Giving chances is also a requirement on your side to make sure it works. You need to lead and mentor that person to success. As an example, you give a chance to an already existing employee for a new position that have applied for and after the interview you get the feeling that they are not ready for the growth just yet, but you give in. Well after the 90-day period and you are doing a review, you see that the person has stepped up to the plate and has taken over the responsibility and then some. Those chances are the ones that mean the most. Be open to giving chances they may just step up to the plate and take the challenge headfirst.

We would not be where we are today if someone did take a chance on us. So pay it forward allow others around you to grow. Give them a chance.

Leaders and Mentors are all about chances you give that person a chance to do many of things sometimes you allow chance to work for itself but I would say that the best result of a chance is if you work just as hard at making the chance you gave work as the person that got the chance. Mentor the chance you gave and see how it grows.

Make the Choice to give a Chance… And I will see you on the next article about Change.

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