The 3 C's of Life Series- Choices, Chances & Change

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Wow, just a few days ago, I came across these three Powerful words and realized the whole truth of how these three words are evident in the progress of everyone’s Career & Life.   I would like to share with you my view on the 3 C's.  I will do this as a series,

I look forward to any comments, and input you have as we go thru these.     


We all must make many choices every day.  You may have heard me say, “the choice you make today could impact the rest of your life".  Within thinking into this a bit further if you think of our roles as Grandmothers, Mothers, daughters, granddaughters, wife’s, step-mother,  sisters, cousins, coworker, leader, mentor, friend and many more that I have not even listed, in these roles we make many important choices on a daily basis.  

 I would like you to just take a minute and ponder on how many choices, you already have made today.   How many of those choices effected your or someone else.    I am speaking to you about something as simple as deciding to smile at the fast food drive up window, or doing the famous paying it forward for the person for coffee behind you or as important as not talking and texting as you drove to work or school.

Understanding and accepting that these choices will not only affect our lives but the many others within our lives and then their lives. WOW, it really gets me excited when you think of these many simple choices and the power of positivity with making the right choice.   

From personal experience, I feel I have made a number of AWESOME Choices !!!  I can admit I have also made a few choices I would change if I had the chance to do it again, and I have had other people’s bad choices affect my life.  From experience I can say you must take strong hold of your vision and never allow these negative impacts to control your view, take them as an opportunity to learn and understand. Our life is formed by  these choices and it  is what makes us who we are today.     We do not have the control to change choices that we did not make but we do have the choice to have a positive view about it and turn it into an opportunity.

How does this come in to play in being a great Leader and/or Mentor?  Well you are an important factor in seeing the choices that are being made around you and assisting in the shaping of them if required.   You are that additional key to their success.  The good choices you inspire and make are to be celebrated.

 The successful choices bring you a step closer to your goal and provides you the energy to make many more choices that are correct.  We all make choices that do not have an immediate win celebration; sometimes it can take a long time to realize the choice that we have made many years ago was what helped where we are today.  The expectation of a leader and mentor is to understand this ourselves and helping those around us to see this also.

Any failed choices should be seen as great future opportunities!   The opportunity to do better and make a better choice the next round.  When you have the ability to see the failure,  that is a result of one of the best choices you have made.  You then move on to repair it and to the future opportunity it has given you.

Within this role of leadership and mentorship, I would suggest that you listen and ask questions so that the individual has the opportunity to analyze the choice and make their own right choice.   It is within our nature to lead individuals to what we feel is the right choice.   Allowing them to make the choice will always be the best for their future.  (no one to blame)  

Being a Women in a man’s world could really make our choices a bit tough in some certain situations. I would like to recommend what I think is couple of the most important choices in this working world of logistics & life is, to make the choice to listen and to speak. You must take ownership and live what you are willing to commit to (the choice you made) and at the same time show flexibility.

It has been mentioned to me on a number of occasions that one of the biggest challenges within this market is being the only women in a room full of men and to be allowed or given the opportunity to speak.  My recommendation would be make the choice to insert yourself as party to the room and do not wait to be “allowed” the opportunity as that choice of others may not be given. Make the choice to listen, then speak, and show  flexibility to your ideas or resolutions.

In addition, it would be great that anyone reading this blog would also understand and make the choice to allow everyone in the room to be heard.

Let people around you understand your choices in life.

Whether it is a goal for today, tomorrow or your 5 Yyear goal, make the choice to speak and then ensure yourself you were heard. The more everyone knows where you want to be the person around you will be more apt to do what they can to help you.

CHOICES the first of the three C's of Life.  

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